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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Housewears Warehouse Giveaway: For the love of books!

Photo via Home Graffiti.

Design books are pure me, hanging out in the design section of the bookstore is as wonderful as being in a candy store to my children. Sure, they're a sinless, fat-free, sugarless treat for me, but my bookshelves are perpetually packing on pounds with all of my purchases!

This is a small tidbit of the Housewears library, which is wall to wall bookcases, filled with design books and magazine subscriptions that span 15 years. It's ridiculous, and hard evidence of my addiction. Magazines are a regular small indulgence, but the trouble is, I can't justify ever parting with these beauties: Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, Canadian House and Home, Veranda, House Beautiful, House and Garden. Each glossy edition surely contains some inspirational idea that may be perfect for my next client....and so, the stacks are getting higher, and heavier.

Photo via Alkemie.

Thankfully, I'm not alone. Karl Lagerfield obviously has the same addiction!

Fortunately, Housewears email subscribers can take advantage of this book obsession, as I have a second copy of the fabulous book 'The Way We Live In the City' from Rizzoli Publications (this one is untouched, still encased in plastic) which is the featured product for HOUSEWEARS' FIRST WAREHOUSE GIVEAWAY! To be eligible to win this beautiful book, you need to be an active email subscriber. If you currently have a subscription, best wishes to you! If you'd like to have a chance at receiving this free book, just subscribe to the Housewears blog via email. The draw for this book is JULY 1st, so don't miss out!!

Photo via Apartment Therapy
Books can go beyond reading pleasure by adding personality and depth to a design scheme. Todd Klein's display of these books is dramatic and functional; drawing the drapes creates a sleek look, and the books displayed amongst small accessories in these bookshelves create a full wall of art.

Photo from House Beautiful via Colour Me Happy.
A small stack of beautiful books in blue repeat the colour palette and make this room feel less formal.

Photo via Material Girls.
This tall bookcase of neutral books softens the black and white colour combination, giving the room some warmth.

Jessica Helgerson Interiors.
I am ready to reach for a great recipe book and begin my plan for a wonderful dinner with these books. Note the books repeat the white scheme of the wall behind. Coloured, mismatched books would not feel as cohesive in this kitchen. The use of bookcases keeps the dark island from appearing too heavy.

Photo via ColourMeHappy.
Barbara Barry has used a few books as simple, casual accessories in this room, and the bit of zebra skin on the book's jacket (on top of the pedestal table) makes a statement.

Photo via Katiedid.
The books in this wall unit add interest, break up the wall of wood, and help create a lived-in, relaxed feel to this room.

Photo via PointClickHome.
I adore this night table! The books are the perfect punctuation mark.

Photo via Apartment Therapy.
Jamie Drake has created a dramatic wall of symmetrical millwork flanking the grand upholstered headboard, and the books are the perfect foil to soften the strong lines to make this room feel more intimate.

Brian Gluckstein is a big fan of using books in design, and his styling is perfection. When I saw the bathroom below in person, it was truly spectacular, and the books were Reader's Digest Condensed Editions.

photo via Swish and Swanky
Another fan of design books is our lovely Ms. Kelly Wearstler, seen here in her own library with her children.

Photo from Domino.
Like my own office, this white bookcase is the perfect backdrop for the liveliness of colourful books and art.

photo via Casamanola
Often used for wine cellars, this diamond pattern storage area is an interesting alternative for books.

Photo via Atelier29.
Another modern bookshelf, here with hits of yellow, can add complexity and drama in a minimalist space.

The beauty of books: their presence is appropriate for any period and any design style, from the most contemporary of spaces, as in this photo, to the most embellished period spaces.

Photo via Belle Maison.
Books are a central part of this bohemian chic vignette.

Angela Liguori design via Design Sponge.
Sometimes, books act as a connector, bridging a table to a mirror or piece of art, as shown. Without the small stack of books, there would be too much negative space between the artwork and the desktop.

How can you use books or display them properly? Add new life to a bookcase by painting or wallpapering the inside.

Photo courtesy Brown Design Inc.
Display your books by stacking them horizontally as well as vertically and breaking them up with accessories to make the bookcase more interesting.

Photo via designhole
Whether spaces are contemporary or traditional, books go beyond reading; they add life and richness to interior spaces. As we all become more tech-saavy, the luxury of turning the pages, cracking a spine and relaxing with books endures!

If you haven't already, don't forget to subscribe to Housewears via email for your chance to win 'The Way We Live In the City' by Stafford Cliff, and stunning photography by Gilles de Chabaneix. The giveaway is open until June 30th, and the lucky winner will be announced on July 1st, and contacted via email for mailing information. The book will be shipped to you! Stay tuned! Books are beautiful! I'm hooked on books! Find out what others are hooked on this week by visiting hooked on houses.
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