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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, on the table, the bed, and the chest....

Photo via Bluetramontanastyle
Mirrors speak to me. Beyond reminding me each morning those fine lines and wrinkles are NOT 'noticeably improved' by the ridiculously expensive cream I religiously pat around my eyes each night, the sultry shimmer of a beautiful mirror seduces me every time.

Large-scale mirrors are always stunning, but with geometric styles, small mirrors can be placed together to create an oversized mirror. Mirrors from Global Views.

This modern "Grayson"venetian mirror is from Oly Studio, and I love the touch of brass!

Wisteria's Peacock mirror is handmade with german silver and has an inlaid feel.

Photo courtesy of thelennoxx. A mirror on a mirror is maximum drama! What other accessory throws around so much power? A shimmery, sophisticated mirror can enlarge a room, double the lighting, bring the outdoors in, and look shiny and beautiful all the while. Major multi-tasking!

Photo courtesy of Rajeesood. This floor to ceiling framed mirror gives the illusion of another room beyond the dining table.

Photo courtesy icandystyles. A large venetian mirror adds a vintage look to this bathroom.

Photo courtesy Rebecca Greenfield via Elle Decor.
The magnificant mirrored bathroom of Miles Redd.

Photo courtesy Neiman Marcus. This symmetrical repetitious arrangement of mirrors is the focus in this dining room, and adds to the ornate entry. Below, the simple rectangular mirror repeated makes a bold statement.

Photo from Global Views.

Photo courtesy Decorpad. Mirror panels on doors make the upper cabinets disappear.

In Feng Shui, the mirror represents the element of water. They bring a sense of refreshment and tranquility (with three busy kids in my house, it's no wonder I have them hung throughout!)

Mirrors expand a space, as well as to draw in the Chi, or positive feng shui energy.
They're a magic pill of feng shui; with proper placement, they can dramatically shift positive energy in any given space.

Take inventory in your space to see where your mirrors are located:

Best Feng Shui areas of your home to have a mirror-
East (Health & Family)
Southeast (Wealth & Abundance)
North (Career & Path in Life)

Feng Shui areas to avoid placing a mirror-
South (Fame & Reputation)
on the wall directly facing the main door
on the wall facing your bed.

The look of mirrors is illuminating the lighting scene, in polished chrome and other reflective surfaces. Mirrors in lighting magnify the light. If you don't want shiny light fixtures but have a room with minimal lighting, a mirror opposite a window can double the daylight, and if positioned near a lamp, will magnify the light emitted from the lamps. Here's what's shimmery in fixtures right now:

Pierced metal pendant light from Neiman Marcus.

Photo courtesy Euroluce. Studio Italia has introduced a modern twist on the disco ball, designed by Brian Rasmussen.

Photo courtesy Global Views. Classic pendants in polished chrome, and a modern chrome chandelier.

Mirrors are also moving into tile. A sophisticated application of mirrored subway tile is found at the Quattro Bar in South Beach.

Photo courtesy Luxury Insider.

Inside the Agua Spa at the Mondrian Hotel in South Beach...the reception desk is tiled -pure bling!

Photo courtesy bellemaison
Offset mirror tiles, used for the applications at the Mondrian Hotel.

A devinely notorious mirrored room is the Hall of Mirrors at Palais de Versailles, France.
The above photo is one I snapped when I visited: the grand scale and repetition of the windows with their filtered sunlight and ornate candelabras was to die for! Below is a complete photo of this decadent room, which looks quite bright, but without the mirrors, it would be quite dark and dismal. The mirrored panels directly reflect the daylight of the windows and their sheer draperies, and at night, the mirrors double the chandelier light.

'Mirrors have come to mean much more than the original 'looking glass.' They are now a part of the decorative scheme of a modern home. By using them, there are no dark, gloomy corners, no drab caverns for halls. There can be a feeling of freedom, light, air, space.'
Quote from Designer Dorothy Draper - 1942

Gone are the days of bifold mirrored closet doors!! Here is a fresh take on the mirrored closet door, via lovinglivingsmall.

The designs above and below are creations of design Diva Kelly Wearstler, courtesy adesignista.

Photo via StepfordMommyCreates. Love these unique wall panels! Mirrors are great if they are reflecting something gorgeous, but placement is critical - a mirrored kitchen backsplash can double your kitchen size, but it is not so effective if it also doubles the collection of dirty dishes on your counter!

Mirrored Technology:this stunning fireplace mirror television is from OX Home.

Photo courtesy Decorpad.

Beyond a large wall mirror or a mirrored wall treatment as the one above, mirror is finding its way into all aspects of furniture. Here are some wonderful pieces to enjoy!
Niermann Weeks Valois Canapo.

Photo courtesy Decorpad.

Photo courtesy Decorpad.

Mirrored Armoire from Lyle and Umbach.

Photo courtesy LifeinaVentiCup.
This amazing Cleo Cabinet is from Hickory Chair.

Photo courtesy LaDolceVita.
Is a mirror paired with mirrored furniture too much? Not at all, if done well, as in this photo...even with mirrored accessories!

Black mirrored cabinet with brass inlay via decorfair.

has introduced black mirrored furniture to their extensive array of mirrored pieces. The pieces are stunning!

M.T. Italia's kitchen in a luxurious black mirror finish, called Dark Symphony.

Ralph Lauren's Modern Metropolis Collection of barware via Interior Design Ideas.
Consider other shiny chrome and silver accents: photo frames, bar and tableware, a silver tray, silver vases. The reflective properties of polished metal deliver the same impact in small doses. It's time to bring on the bling!

Add luxurious shimmer and shine to your home with mirrors. Beyond the beauty, they can brighten and enlarge your space! We're enamoured with mirrors this week; check out what others are hooked on here.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Colour Focus - Seeing Red!

Here we are, a few sunsets from Labour Day!!! Summer has been a hive of activity for Housewears, swarming with B's - basements, bathrooms, and bedrooms! Fall promises to be even busier, but fear not, dear readers, we'll just have to take you with us on some of the special projects we're working on! This week, we're focusing on the hottest trend, the ravishing power of red!

Red=Drama. Love, war, heat, courage, patriotism, anger,'s all in there, an emotional entourage in one intense little colour. Historically, when times were tough and economic constraints were prevalent, colour brightened the horizon. Hence, fall's colour forecast is red hot!

Pantone reveals a pink-red hue appropriately named 'American Beauty' as the colour of the season. Fresh, vivid and flattering, this red looks glamourous and adds punch to black, white, and any neutral.

Photo courtesy of Newlyweddiaries.
Analysis of the psychology of colour reveals red is a colour of excitement, ambition, and activity. A red environment invigorates the senses, and the dining room usually comes to mind for this bold hue, as red is said to stimulate the appetite. In Feng Shui, the Chinese believe red is a colour of luck, and a red door implies an entry to happiness. The doors above and below are true bliss!

Shoe designer Bruno Frisoni's office via Domino Magazine. Red is ideal for a high activity space like a home office.

Photo from Metropolitan Home via SimpleNest.
Often, a hit or two of red is enough to evoke huge impact, as in this room with this stunning red chandelier!

Valentino's Collection Fall 2009

Katie Holmes likes accents of red, and I love oversized, but this looks a bit challenging to carry!photo via FabSugar

Eva Longoria looks regal with her red Verdura earrings at the 2009 SAG awards.

Your stylish red investment for this season may be as simple as OPI's rich new Espana nail colour collection. Above is a rich berry red called 'Manicurist of Seville'.

Donna Karan debuts her fierce looks at Fall Fashion Week 2009/ on the lookout for the accents in red- gloves, scarves, bold collars, belts, and tights!

This baroque-inspired ad from Christian Louboutin shows off sexy red platform slingbacks for Fall/Winter 2010. Photo by Peter Lippmann.

In Feng Shui, a room decorated with elements of red symbolizes wealth and luxury, but too much red can create anger and agitation. How can you effectively add the drama of red to your rooms? A little goes a long way, and if you're thinking of paint, keep in mind red is energizing and stimulating, so a red room should be an area of activity, not a space for relaxing. Before you paint an entire room red, consider some alternatives.

Great red wallpaper hung on feature wall, such as Kelly Wearstler's Imperial Trellis wallpaper in Cinnabar Gloss.

Neisha Crosland's Dotted Ovals wallpaper in Raspberry would be stunning in a bathroom!

Add high drama with a piece of red furniture, like this Red Lola table from Arteriors Home.

Reupholster a cozy chair or add some pillows in Chagall cut velvet fabric from Designer Fabrics.

Add these Hermes plates to a plain white table setting....instant drama and luxury!

And now, a collection of rooms with red for your viewing pleasure! Enjoy!

Photo courtesy Decorpad. Red is low cost but high impact in this bedroom.

A fabulous colour-blocked red wall is softened by a large grouping of prints - design by Ashley Wittaker, photo via odietamoblog.

Jonathan Adler's Brit room.

Black,white,and red bedroom from Stephen Shubel.

Red bedroom from Domino, May 2008. Love the red frames and red bolsters!!!

This red office by Sarah Richardson looks inviting and ready for business!

A cheery red kitchen by Sarah Richardson. photo courtesy the Globe and Mail.

Romo drapery fabric. Photo by UKTV.

Interior by Jamie Drake.Photo by Joseph De Leo.

Housewears created a neutral room with accents of red and plum for a busy family.

Photo courtesy Desire to Inspire.

Red dining room via Desire to Inspire.

Candice Olsen's design of a basement lounge, in red, gray, brown, black and white, via

House Beautiful featured this persimmon red foyer. Photo via Sproost.

Photographer James Merrell's home office, via Cococozy.

Room by M Design Interiors via Cococozy.

photo courtesy glitterinared
These glossy red walls magnify the beauty of the chandelier.

Living room via kabmurungraya

Bathroom from Design Sponge.

Add some drama to your life... red shoes, a red bag, a red wall and some red accessories....this fall is about pumping up the excitement in your life with red!
We're hooked on the colour Red! Check out what others are hooked on this Friday here!