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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year! The Trends for 2009

We all wonder what's coming next in decor....will that accessory still be hot next year? Although I do need to keep on trend for my clients, there is a difference between a 'fad' and a 'trend'. Trends generally have more longevity, and there may be an aspect of a trend that is a flash in the pan and would be considered a "fad" example of this would be the resin deer head, which is a fad within the 'natural trend', which is still current for 2009.

photo by Pantone
For 2009, the pantone colour of the year is... Mimosa, a gorgeous yellow-orange which to me radiates sunshine and warmth. Think accents: it would be stunning with gold and camel, and equally electric with silver and white. Citrus hues are a personal favourite of mine, so I am excited for the fashion and home decor that will result from this sunny colour!

Trends that are hot, some of which we saw in 2008:

1) Personal Style - eclectic, mixed and matched, adding antiques to contemporary furnishings, incorporating your own personal treasures into your decor keeps it personal and authentic.

2) Artisan - hand crafted, one of a kind items, and Canadian House and Home freshens this trend up by keeping the handicrafts modern, sleek, organic and textural.

photo from instyle interiors from

Photo of Arabella wallpaper for Designers Guild

    3)Patterns- an increasing movement toward bolder pattern in wallpaper, rugs and fabrics, some with metallics and soft colours, with influences from China, turkey, Morocco.

    Canadian cedar wooden bathtub from Elegno, photo courtesy of
    4)Green - this trend is one that will continue for many years, in the fabrication of eco-friendly furniture, fabrics, bedding, and the use of sustainable responsibly!

      Red Eames chair from Design Within Reach

      5) Custom/Iconic - custom made fabrics, wallpaper, bedding, pillows, handpainted furniture and millwork , and classic coveted pieces from top designers such as Eames and Saarinan...these are the couture elements in our ready made society.

    Edward Tuttles Edward Collection Tufted Sofa

    6) Modern Romance - this is the look of old traditional, reinvented with a modern flair. Curved, feminine, and soft, it's oversized floral fabrics and wallpapers, pastel colours, and tufted seating. This ties in with the Hollywood Regency style that is prevalent, see below with 'over the top decor'.

    Square Root Lounge Chair from

    7) Au Natural - bleached woods, weathered wicker, natural fabrics like linen, burlap and canvas, lots of texture, minimal colour...a modernized Cape Cod look, as with this weathered teak chair.

    Chair from Camilla House Imports

    photo of Kwid Design, courtesy of Viceroy Hotel

    8)Over the Top Decor - this is black and white, bold geometric prints like those from David Hicks and Dorothy Draper, some bold colour, but not too formal, definitely modern; traditional shapes reinvented to look contemporary...we also call this Hollywood Regency. As the above outdoor photo of the wingbacks on steroids at the Viceroy Hotel reveals, our darling Kelly Wearstler is a master of this trend!

    9) Industrial - think of the simplistic, utilitarian furniture such as commercial bakers' racks and a vintage medicine cabinet, or some of the furniture available from Design Within Reach.

    tepee from Design Within Reach

    10)Ethnic Influence - this trend continues from the past few years with decor that is handmade, using natural dyes and indigenous materials. Think baskets, animal skin, objects made from horn and unusual woods, and this teepee! Canadian House and Home sees the 2009 trend as Nomadic, drawing from North African and Middle Eastern Bedouin cultures.
    What trend will you be focusing on for this year?
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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Entertaining : the well designed holiday table!

Photo courtesy Carolyn Roehm

Oh the joy of the holidays! Entertaining family and friends can be extra special with
some attention to details at your table! Isn't it oh-so amazing when someone has taken time to adorn the table with beautiful accents to accompany a decadent menu? Good grub just ain't the same if it's in tinfoil trays and served on paper plates! A simple satin ribbon tied in a bow around each napkin with a sprig of spruce can add to your table! Here are some fabulous table settings and accents for tables ...enjoy!

Photo courtesy of Epicurious

photo courtesy of Martha

photo courtesy of

photo from Epicurious
Photo courtesy

photo from Epicurious
Photo from Martha

Photo courtesy Martha

Photo courtesy Martha
Photo courtesy Epicurious

What does your holiday table look like?
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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Holiday Floral Design

Photo courtesy Abrahams & Group, NYC

Photo by Vanderfleet Flowers Toronto

Florals and greenery go beyond the plain potted poinsettia in my home for holiday entertaining. There are some amazing trees on my property, so I often clip branches from my own trees and add fresh florals.
Favourite flowers I use are amaryllis in either red or white (either all red, or all white), white freesia, white tulips, or casablanca lilies, dogwood branches, pine, and dark glossy magnolia leaves are also gorgeous. I tend to keep things simple like the tulip arrangement above, but here are a few impressive holiday arrangements from top floral designers in New York and Dallas.

photo courtesy of Scott's Flowers New York City

Photo courtesy Jane Packer Flowers

Photo courtesy Jane Packer Flowers

Photo courtesy of Cebolla Fine Flowers, Dallas

Photo courtesy Jane Packer

Photo courtesy Scott's Flowers, NYC

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Leetal Kalmanson.....go glam with beautiful bling!!!

Photo courtesy InStyle Magazine, May 2008

Holidays mean parties, dressing festive, and going glam for special events. BIG bling is in! If you normally don't wear too much glitz, you may feel comfortable doing so during this holiday season, with a signature piece or two: think oversized cuff bracelets and bangles, chandelier earrings and hoops, knockout cocktail rings and glitzy neckware. This holiday, consider some gorgeous baubles from Leetal Kalmanson of LK Jewelry. Leetal is a jewelry designer from the lively metropolis of Tel Aviv, Israel, and her chic bohemian designs are catching on like wildfire! Her pieces are beautifully intricate and hand crafted with swarovski crystal. They've also been featured in In Style Magazine. Click here to learn more about Leetal's wonderful jewelry!
Locally, you can visit Lisa at Savvy Boutique to purchase these stunningly unique LK pieces....Lisa and her friendly staff featured this line in the Beach Grove Fashion Show and Poinsettia Luncheon today, and for the next week or so, Savvy Boutique is featuring a Trunk Show of LK jewelry at 25 Amy Croft Drive in Tecumseh, or call 519-735-9643.

Take a peek at some of these exquisite pieces.....Santa Baby, send a few LK jewels for me......

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