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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Will happy clothes make you feel better in tough times?

This very successful, very chic lady seems to feel that bright, happy clothes will make people feel better during this recession.

photo by Kari Skaflen
Of course, Tory Burch must be feeling pretty darn good these days, because during this recession, those fashionistas who would normally buy Jimmy Choo Morse flats are trying to be more frugal and eyeballing the less expensive Tory Burch Reva flats, so Ms. Burch is cashing in...

photo by Kari Skaflen
The Tory Burch Resort 2009 line is inspired by Tory's parents and their polynesian vacations, where the style was effortless, relaxed, and colourful. In a recent trunk show for Saks Fifth Avenue, Tory spoke about the use of colour and happy bold prints to affect mood in these difficult times. Here is some of her resort line, and I must say, it is appealing to me!
All photos of the collection courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue.

Here is the ikat pattern in a cotton voile tunic, and the TB gold Reba flats.

This season's perfect resort look: colourful tunic with cutoff jean shorts and gladiator or woven sandals.
My personal favourite, the bold patterned tunic with bermuda shorts...and of course, satisfying my personal addiction: a bit of black!
Classic navy and white, although the model doesn't seem happy!

Gorgeous and colourful, and 5" high, oh my! Lovely even from the back (below).

Lastly, I am swooning over the Tory tote with fabulous pattern and perfect with white jeans and gold shoes!
I am also thrilled that Saks now ships to Canada, so I can shop in my pj's!
The last burning question Housewears always wants to know... what is Tory Burch's house wearing?

photo courtesy of Material Girls
Here is the bedroom of the Burch, without question, Tory's home sports nothing but style!
Although the Saks bill for a new wardrobe of colour may not make you happier in this recession, painting a room or just a feature wall a bright colour is a low cost idea for an injection of happiness within your living space. What do you think...can bright, cheery clothes and environments make you feel better?

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wonderful Wallpaper

Wallpaper is inspiring, uplifting, and a great way to add instant impact. We've convinced some wallpaper hating clients into swooning over it recently, and for some rooms, there's no better way to create drama. One of my personal all-time faves is this Cole & Son Woods wallpaper, which comes from their New Contemporary II line, and is available in a wide variety of colours.

Woods From Cole & Son

Photo courtesy Desire to Inspire

So... that wallpaper can make a simple contemporary bathroom look like.... this!
Beyond this paper, I am in love with these bold geometric patterns gorgeous!

Hicks Hexagon from Cole & Son

Trifid from Osborne and Little

I love the bit of shimmer to this one!

Kelly Wearstler's Imperial Trellis in Citrine

Terminal Color Nasu Blanca from Flavor Paper

C009 from Florence Broadhurst

Glow and Behold from Blueprint Magazine

All paper photos courtesy of, a Los Angeles retailer who carries all of these lines, as well as many others! What's your favourite paper?
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Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Power of Repetition

photo courtesy of style-files
I love the visual rhythm of repeating elements. As I took a few hours this past weekend to take down the holiday decor (which I have delayed, of course, lol, because who likes that job?) I am taking inventory: 12 crystal votive candles, 5 black flocked reindeer, 3 small modern trees in chrome pots. I rarely buy a small simple decor item as a single piece, because the impact of simple items in multiples is far more impacting. Basic items become a statement if strategically may have heard it should be an odd number, such as 3, 5, 7, but this isn't always the sunroom has 4 windows, so I have a white feather wreath to suspend at the same height in each window. The photo above is an example of the impact of repeated use of the tulip dining chairs, lighting fixtures, identical flower arrangements on the table, and even the white vases in the bookshelf.

Photos of Kelly Hoppen's work, courtesy Inspirational Style

Photos of Kelly Hoppen's design, courtesy Inspirational Style
Photo of Kelly Hoppen products from Wedgewood
These displays of multiples are the fabulous work of UK designer Kelly Hoppen, who is a master of great design in clean modern lines. As you probably already are aware, she has several books filled with design eye candy, but this book's cover shows how much she works with repetition.

Photo courtesy Amazon
If your dining table and other areas are now empty and looking pathetic because they've been stripped of their festive embellishments, now is a great time to try out a simple display using repeating elements. An easy one:
Find 3 6" diameter cylindrical glass vases that are identical, 3 identical pillar candles, and clippings from outdoor evergreens. Place your candle centered in your vase, and then place the small evergreen clippings around candle inside the vase (very low, as the greenery dries out, it is a fire hazard if you were planning on using the candles). Place these vases a few inches apart from each other on your mantle, dining table, under the kitchen window and voila! Instant mid-winter decor to last you until Valentine's Day!

Decor for the walls in repetitive forms also makes a huge statement, as these mo-bi-le-os panels do from Pure Modern. This is a modern alternative to your basic artprint or mirror over that chest. Why not kick it up a notch? The same effect could be created by purchasing multiple identical small mirrors and hanging them in a symmetrical grouping.
Above mo-bi-le-os Photos courtesy Pure Modern
Something not so appealing can suddenly be more exciting in multiples. I am not a fan of this particular "wall vase" below, but in multiples, it looks very dramatic. Remember this as you rummage through your old vase collection...a few years ago I did a table display for a showhouse, a vintage-modern look for a client who had several old white bud vases that were nothing special. I grouped 12 vases closely together in a center display on her dining table, and filled with lucious hydrangeas, the grouping of dollar store vases looked stunning!
photo courtesy Global Views Inc.

Photo courtesy Global Views Inc.

Some sophisticated suppliers of great furniture and accessories provide detailed instructions for retailers to create the most visual impact and increase sales. The Global Views displays are definitely something to drool over!

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Monday, January 5, 2009

January bliss - Chic Beauty Sleep!

Erema bedding from Anichini

Here in Canada, January is a time to appreciate little simplicities: a hot mocha latte on frosty mornings, heated steering wheels, resolutions for the new year we're actually following through, flying south for some sun, Sunday tobogganing, ice hockey, and cuddling up in a luxurious bed on cold winter nights.
Great bedding is about thread count, fabrics, and comfort. Generally, a bed is the largest piece in a bedroom, so how you dress it defines the room. There is overkill in this department - I'm guilty of having to position a dozen decorative pillows on the bed every morning, and after the thrill is gone, the pillows are too! I've also paid a killing for the most luxurious down duvet, only to be frustrated because it was too bulky and hot to sleep under! I've also seen sheets that have 900 thread count at Target.... is this even possible? But, enough about bad bedding....let's get to the beauties in the bedroom!

Photo courtesy of Neiman Marcus
This lovely ikat pattern is Michael Kors Denpasar bedding, as stunning as his clothing lines!The rectangular pillow is goatskin.

Photo courtesy of Decorating Diva
This fabulous Poppy and Ivory Mariana silk bedding from Ann Gish says hollywood, for all those fashionable dreamers!

Photo courtesy of Frette
Sexy red bedding is the Limited Addition Landing Christine collection from Frette.

Photo courtesy of Neiman Marcus.
I love tone on tone looks for the bed, because they often make a room look larger, and minimize the scale of the bed.This delicious Nobile bedding from Fendi Home is stunning, as well as the tufted wall treatment that acts as a headboard!

Photo courtesy of Design Public

For eco-bedding, Design Public's Amenity collection has many organic cotton options, such as Bloom, which is shown. Sweet dreams!
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