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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Will happy clothes make you feel better in tough times?

This very successful, very chic lady seems to feel that bright, happy clothes will make people feel better during this recession.

photo by Kari Skaflen
Of course, Tory Burch must be feeling pretty darn good these days, because during this recession, those fashionistas who would normally buy Jimmy Choo Morse flats are trying to be more frugal and eyeballing the less expensive Tory Burch Reva flats, so Ms. Burch is cashing in...

photo by Kari Skaflen
The Tory Burch Resort 2009 line is inspired by Tory's parents and their polynesian vacations, where the style was effortless, relaxed, and colourful. In a recent trunk show for Saks Fifth Avenue, Tory spoke about the use of colour and happy bold prints to affect mood in these difficult times. Here is some of her resort line, and I must say, it is appealing to me!
All photos of the collection courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue.

Here is the ikat pattern in a cotton voile tunic, and the TB gold Reba flats.

This season's perfect resort look: colourful tunic with cutoff jean shorts and gladiator or woven sandals.
My personal favourite, the bold patterned tunic with bermuda shorts...and of course, satisfying my personal addiction: a bit of black!
Classic navy and white, although the model doesn't seem happy!

Gorgeous and colourful, and 5" high, oh my! Lovely even from the back (below).

Lastly, I am swooning over the Tory tote with fabulous pattern and perfect with white jeans and gold shoes!
I am also thrilled that Saks now ships to Canada, so I can shop in my pj's!
The last burning question Housewears always wants to know... what is Tory Burch's house wearing?

photo courtesy of Material Girls
Here is the bedroom of the Burch, without question, Tory's home sports nothing but style!
Although the Saks bill for a new wardrobe of colour may not make you happier in this recession, painting a room or just a feature wall a bright colour is a low cost idea for an injection of happiness within your living space. What do you think...can bright, cheery clothes and environments make you feel better?

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