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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween Chic!

Hosting a haute halloween soiree this weekend? Check out these hauntingly gorgeous items!
Cheers! As for moi, I shall be standing at the door in my witch hat, handing out chocolate bars (or eating them!) and smiling at little costumed iron men and Hannah Montannas, waiting for my hubby to bring back my own ghoulishly dressed boys with pillowcases full of treats and eyes twinkling...not too glamorous, but fun all the same!

D.L.&Co's momento mori Collection, Mori Ex Cacao 'Death By Chocolate', perfectly macabre skulls in bittersweet chocolate. Photo courtesy Valerie Confections

Sleek and sophisticated, serve bewitching cocktails in this Ralph Lauren 'Skulls and Crossbones' Decanter set: definitely posh goth! Photo from

Little Skull porcelain plates by Momento Mori. Photo courtesy of

For illuminating those candles, check out this stylish Chanel Skull matchbook from Charles Marie. Photo courtesy of

Here's an amazing Flocked chandelier! Photo courtesy of Gumps, San Francisco

This photo was taken from a wonderful shop of curiosities, check it out here at Gothic Rose Antiques.

Louis Vuitton pumpkin photo courtesy

Stunning Skull Candle from D.L. & Co. Photo courtesy of Shopstyle.

Eiffel Tower Pumpkin photo and design by Gene Granata.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Rug Revelation

I am in love with the bold, unique rugs from Nanimarquina. Designer and businesswoman Nani Marquina, daughter of a design pioneer in Spain, has won numerous design awards
for her captivating rugs, known for their unique textures, patterns, and shapes. The rug above, 'Little Field of Flowers' was created for Namimarquina by Dutch design icon Tord Boontje, and won this year's Elle Deco International Design Award for floor coverings. To learn more about these fabulous rugs, click
here. All photos courtesy of Gabriel Ross.





Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Palin primps...but did she purchase any purple?

Photo courtesy of

I just have the urge to comment on Republican V.P. candidate, Sarah Pallin. I don't think Joe or Jane Sixpack drops 150 big ones at Neiman and Saks! I'm all for shopping t'il my feet are bloody stumps, but sounds like Sarah outdid herself! I certainly hope dishing out that much cash bought her some fashionable purchases!

Photo courtesy Saks Fifth Avenue

We do know she wore some red peep toes, but did she pick up anything in purple to pair with her black? Being a 'black is best' fashionista myself, these days I do like to add a hit of colour. If I were in Sarah's shoes, I would absolutely be doing some pageant prancing in a chic black ensemble punctuated with this sumptuous Dior Noeud peep toe.

Photo courtesy Bag Borrow or Steal

You would photograph me winking on stage, kissing babies, and shaking hands as I tour the countryside clutching a multi-coloured Miu Miu Nappa Patch clutch, which would look just as stunning paired with my red peep toes.

Photo courtesy Piperlime

However, if I was really worried about the economy of our nation, I would probably opt for this hot little mulberry patent Precisely Pleated beauty instead from Nine West, one of Rachel Zoe's picks on for under $55.

Photo courtesy Tiffany & Co.

I would not have passed up a trip to Tiffany's, where I would scoop up this lovely 9.0 carat emerald cut amethyst cocktail ring set in sterling silver for a mere $800.

How much publicity are Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus getting right now? It seems they are the winners in this campaign!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Bedside Delights

Photo courtesy of Amazon
A big shout out to Domino editors for their new publication, Domino: The Book of Decorating, a room-by-room guide to creating a home that makes you happy. Beyond the plethora of great tips and tricks, this book stays true to the magazine format with the 'Domino Effect' pages to reveal unique inspirations and finishing touches.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Decor Picks in My Shopping Odyssey.....

As the leaves fall, I adore shopping cuddled in cashmere with a latte in hand, looking for those interesting pieces that reflect the crispness of Autumn. Here are a few noteworthy pieces that evoke the season. The knarled vine on stand sculpture is from Neiman Marcus.

Photo courtesy Neiman Marcus
Michael Aram's branch candlesticks with their whitewashed finish look fresh and modern.
Photo courtesy Abbott of England

I fell in love with this clean interpretation of wood - the matte driftwood bowl....would be ultra-chic on top of some great design books! Photo courtesy Abbott of England
This french-inspired corkscrew horn sculpture is set on a weathered metal base, and exceptionally realistic in cast resin. At a commanding height of 42", it's ideal for those grand rooms with large roaring fireplaces and high ceilings!

Photo courtesy Abbott of England
This wintery looking vase with a delicate gilded bird is from the Purist collection of the new Versa line by Abbott.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Design in Economic Downturn

While watching the chaotic roller coaster ride of stock markets these days, I wondered how past prominent designers dealt with difficult economic times. I immediately thought of the
legendary Dorothy Draper. I recently enjoyed reading "In the Pink: Dorothy Draper, America's Most Fabulous Decorator" by Carleton Varney, who studied under Ms. Draper. The book was featured in the Fall 2008 O At Home's article on The Most Inspiring Design Books of All Time, and I was thrilled to pick up an autographed copy of

it during a summer jaunt to Mackinaw Island in Northern Michigan at a tour of the famous Grand Hotel, decorated by Mr. Varney in the Draper style. Ms. Draper was a socialite-turned decorator who became a design doyenne in the 1930's and as a writer for Good Housekeeping, a designer of wallpaper for Schumacher and furniture designer for Ficks & Reed, her household noteriety would have rivaled Martha Stewart and Oprah.

Photo Viceroy Hotel courtesy Kor Hotel Group

How coincidental is it that during our current economic state, new age Drapers like Kelly Wearstler have squeezed the minimalist look out of the limelight and given us the urge to use bold colour, drama, and grand scale?

Hampshire House (done by Dorothy Draper) courtesy CBS

Are you attracted to the decor of Draper? Here is New York Magazine's list of key elements Dorothy Draper used in her design:

1. intense use of colour

2. florals/greenery -'as much a part of a decorative scheme as beautiful curtains,'she said

3. textured carpet -thick tactile rugs

4. striking details - a few bold accessories, not clutter

5. a fireplace

6. bold prints - oversized patterned wallpaper, fabrics

7.chessboard floors -black and white large tiles

8. large mirrors - the more ornate the better

9. romantic furniture- curves and some whimsy

10. colour contrasts - opposites on the colour wheel ie. red with green

Kelly Wearstler Design / Photo courtesy of Viceroy Hotel
In her 1939 book, "Decorating is Fun!" Ms. Draper encourages the public to embrace do-it-yourself decorating. In a wartime economy, Draper advocated conservation, with a column published in 1943 ' Whether you had a million or a mite when this war started, you are now discovering that it's smart and patriotic to find a use for everything.' Her ideas included reinventing furniture and floors by painting them, and using bedding for draperies.
In our current state of economic uncertainty, no doubt we're going to be seeing more DIY
and more of Dorothy Draper's fearless influences from almost 70 years ago!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A decadent debut!

This blog is an outlet to share with you my passion... for all things design! I enjoy endlessly devouring design if they're the most sumptuous bonbons ...the benefit of this 'eye candy' is it's fat-free! Bon appetit! Photo courtesy of Laduree.