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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Palin primps...but did she purchase any purple?

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I just have the urge to comment on Republican V.P. candidate, Sarah Pallin. I don't think Joe or Jane Sixpack drops 150 big ones at Neiman and Saks! I'm all for shopping t'il my feet are bloody stumps, but sounds like Sarah outdid herself! I certainly hope dishing out that much cash bought her some fashionable purchases!

Photo courtesy Saks Fifth Avenue

We do know she wore some red peep toes, but did she pick up anything in purple to pair with her black? Being a 'black is best' fashionista myself, these days I do like to add a hit of colour. If I were in Sarah's shoes, I would absolutely be doing some pageant prancing in a chic black ensemble punctuated with this sumptuous Dior Noeud peep toe.

Photo courtesy Bag Borrow or Steal

You would photograph me winking on stage, kissing babies, and shaking hands as I tour the countryside clutching a multi-coloured Miu Miu Nappa Patch clutch, which would look just as stunning paired with my red peep toes.

Photo courtesy Piperlime

However, if I was really worried about the economy of our nation, I would probably opt for this hot little mulberry patent Precisely Pleated beauty instead from Nine West, one of Rachel Zoe's picks on for under $55.

Photo courtesy Tiffany & Co.

I would not have passed up a trip to Tiffany's, where I would scoop up this lovely 9.0 carat emerald cut amethyst cocktail ring set in sterling silver for a mere $800.

How much publicity are Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus getting right now? It seems they are the winners in this campaign!

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