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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Hunt is On! Accessory Shopping at Trade Shows

Accessories from 18 Karat, via Apartment Therapy

Accessories display from Global Views Inc.

Accessories in decorating can really make or break a room. Can you imagine the two rooms above without them? Blah!!

Accessorizing a room isn't rocket science, but it's definitely an art that requires a critical eye and a sense of restraint. Twenty years ago it was tough for homeowners to find those special, unique items...and so we saw a lack of accessories. Now the selection is endless, but the opposite problem has occurred....there's accessory overkill. Homeowners sift through the tons of options on the shelves of Pottery Barn,Target and Homegoods (or Homesense in Canada), buy too much of it, plunk it everywhere around the room, and still aren't sure what really works. Price isn't the issue, either; a multitude of expensive tchotchkes still looks like clutter. It's wonderful to see high end items mixed with inexpensive, basic items, because the look is authentic.

I'm obsessive about accessories; like an outfit, too many, too few, or poorly chosen accessories can ruin the look completely. Sadly, people often think of these items as an afterthought, because by the time accessories are needed in a newly built home or a renovation, there's not much left in the budget.

Trends forcast 2010 display from Global Views

There are many versatile decor staples I like that are not always easy to find. I purchase them at trade shows to keep stock for many projects, and there are always those elusive accessories needed for someone's space that are a challenge to uncover.
This month, the trade shows in New York and Toronto for accessories are marked on my calendar, so I'm on the hunt.

Trade Display for Global Views.

Trade shows are exciting and exhausting. There's so much eye candy and so much walking and various copies of items, so items need to be scrutinized for price and quality. If it's everywhere, I don't want it! Vendors try to squeeze in as many accessories as possible to show the possibilities of their products, so the look is maximalist!

Las Vegas Gift Show display, Global Views

Showroom by Royal Green Enterprises.

Accessories by Canfloyd Trading.

Many of my current clients know I'm going Gift Show shopping, so I have a list of your items to track down. If you're a client in need of something we haven't discussed, email me with your request! We here at Housewears have tossed around the idea of adding some little decor trinkets for purchase on our website so you have access to some of our favourite things that are challenging to find. What decor item are you looking for, but you can't seem to find?

I'm hooked on Trade Show Shopping this week! Find out what others are hooked on at