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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Leetal Kalmanson.....go glam with beautiful bling!!!

Photo courtesy InStyle Magazine, May 2008

Holidays mean parties, dressing festive, and going glam for special events. BIG bling is in! If you normally don't wear too much glitz, you may feel comfortable doing so during this holiday season, with a signature piece or two: think oversized cuff bracelets and bangles, chandelier earrings and hoops, knockout cocktail rings and glitzy neckware. This holiday, consider some gorgeous baubles from Leetal Kalmanson of LK Jewelry. Leetal is a jewelry designer from the lively metropolis of Tel Aviv, Israel, and her chic bohemian designs are catching on like wildfire! Her pieces are beautifully intricate and hand crafted with swarovski crystal. They've also been featured in In Style Magazine. Click here to learn more about Leetal's wonderful jewelry!
Locally, you can visit Lisa at Savvy Boutique to purchase these stunningly unique LK pieces....Lisa and her friendly staff featured this line in the Beach Grove Fashion Show and Poinsettia Luncheon today, and for the next week or so, Savvy Boutique is featuring a Trunk Show of LK jewelry at 25 Amy Croft Drive in Tecumseh, or call 519-735-9643.

Take a peek at some of these exquisite pieces.....Santa Baby, send a few LK jewels for me......

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