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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mellow Yellow

Bedding from Dwell

Yellow perpetually evokes warmth. It is symbolic of the sun, and the colour of optimisim and cheer. Certainly, we need to be optimistic and cheerful during the tough times of this recession! As I have mentioned in a previous post, the Pantone colour for 2009 is Mimosa, a yellow-orange hue. Yellow is energizing and when saturated, it demands attention. Here are some inspirational photos of yellow used in interiors, as well as current yellow accessories.

Photo courtesy Patricia Gray Design
Neutral tones with an injection of yellow keep this space looking current.

Photo courtesy Western Interiors via Katiedid
This art makes a statement. Art and accessories are elements that can be changed when colours or trends change.

Accessories from Global Views Catalog

Goldenrod Garden Stool from Gumps' San Francisco.

Kelly Wearstler's Imperial Trellis fabric in Citrine by Schumacher

Romo's Kimura Wallpaper

Photo courtesy Apartment Therapy
Black and white with yellow is modern and elegant.

Photo courtesy design shrine
The sleek Saarinen table is punctuated with the simple yet vibrant variation of yellows.

Photo courtesy Elements of Style
Resembling bamboo, this subway tile layed vertically adds a modern island feel to this white kitchen.
Photo courtesy kwid
Kelly Wearstler takes black and white to new heights with a burst of fresh citron yellow.

Photo by Mickael Mynet
Yellow works well with natural wood tones. This chair and accents add to the warmth of the wood.

Photo courtesy Jubella
The dark backdrop and traditional seating becomes contemporary and bright with yellow.

How great is this? Hit the used book store to add National Geographic issues to your bookshelves for a fresh punch of colour, as designer Jeffery Bilhuber did in this room. This year, add a touch of instant sunshine into your space with a hit of yellow: pillows, books, a bowl of lemons....but yellow should be used with care, as too much can be overkill, just as too much sun will burn! We all need a little bit of optimism to brighten our days as the first day of spring approaches!


  1. Love your blog and web site...

    The array of yellows is stunning...I particularly like the addition of black in some of the photos, very striking combo!!


  2. loved all the pics. Yes i agree, black and white with Yellow adds a dramatic effect to any room.

  3. beautiful pics, I found artificial lemons at Pottery Barn yesterday. Thanx for the idea!


  4. Nice work. I like every picture. All the furniture increase the beauty of the room. Thanks for your blog.


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