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Monday, December 27, 2010

Housewears Design Projects -Some Highlights of 2010

It's been a very busy year in the Housewears hive, and so many readers have wanted to know what we've been up to.With little time to blog and many projects on the go, we certainly need to offer you a sneak peek at a few of the jobs we've completed. Some of our clients are bashful, so photos aren't always taken. Other jobs aren't complete, and are not quite photo-ready.
However, here is some of the work completed by Housewears this year.

master bathroom design by Housewears, photo by Max Wedge
entry hall design by Housewears, photo by Max Wedge

bathroom design by Housewears. An unsightly sump pump door in this basement  is concealed by artfully arranged cedar planks.

Abstract art hung in this window enhances privacy and distracts diners from the unappealing view in this dining room. Design by Housewears
A wide custom banquette bench was created to surround this table in a lounge area, reminding the homeowner of leisurely vacations in Morocco.

A complete kitchen makeover. Design by Housewears, Photo by Max Wedge

Complete customization of furniture was needed to suit the scale of this family room. Design by Housewears, photo by Max Wedge

Design by Housewears, Photo by Max Wedge
Design by Housewears
Design by Housewears/photo by Max Wedge

Design by Housewears

Design by Housewears

Thanks for stopping in to view our work. Some of these photos will be featured in the local Winter Issue of OUR HOMES MAGAZINE, to be released in January. We are dedicated to our work and we truly love what we do! The holiday gift for us is reflecting on our designs and feeling happy about what we've done, and having ecstatic clients who tell others and keep coming back. Here's hoping you feel happy about something this year, and that 2011 will be filled with many positive opportunities!


  1. Your designs are absolutely stunning! Love your style, interest pieces and use of accessories! Fabulous!


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